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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Enough is Enough!

Man!!! I don't know about you but I am just about fed up with the follow the leader stuff going on in the internet marketing world right now.

Dime sale - goes up every hour or every sale. Hey - if it goes up and someone else just bought it for less - I ain't buying it!

New launches that get talked about week after week - then it launches and the price is ridiculous for most marketers. Anything come to mind?

I get numerous newsletters from the so called gurus - you know - everyone of them twisted the arm of so and so to get you this deal - they all use the same wording. Or they holler don't buy until you see me.

Man - I have canceled so many newsletters recently. Yes - sell something. That's why we're in business. But give some good tips along the way.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Niche Marketing Infoproducts

If you have been in this field for any length of time, you most likely are signed up with numerous internet marketing newsletters. I have some from marketers I really respect and also some I'm not sure about as of yet.

But it is interesting when a new product comes out. Suddenly all these newsletters send out a similiar message - you gotta see this great new . . . . . whatever. I twisted the arm of so and so - my good friend - and he is allowing me to -

You get the idea. Some of the gurus do change from the standard message and some - and I respect this - don't jump on every new product that comes out. At least not immediately.

Here's something I have found out. Not in all cases but in many - wait a couple weeks - sometimes less - and the same product is being sold by someone for halt the price - or less.

So be careful what you buy on impulse and if you do buy - use it.

You might want to check out a link I have on my site - on the index page - because I no longer jump on these deals because of . . . . go check it out.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Niche Marketing with PLR Rights

What are PLR rights?

Basically you get articles, or ebooks, or software that are 100% yours. You can change it, sell it, use it on your site, claim copyright.

That's a huge difference from resale products. You can take plr's and make them uniquely yours.

But not all plr product is created equal. You need to verify that you have the right to do as you want. If there are restrictions involved, you might want to check elsewhere.

Bottom line is if you get top quality PLR rights that you can do with what you want, you just got a product you can call your own without having to develop it or write and ebook. etc. You can build a website using these types of articles, but I highly recommend you make changes so they are not the same as everyone elses who might have bought these and simplt put them online.

Go to MakeaNiche.com Niche Marketing for more information.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Niche Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

When you think of niche marketing, you think of plr rights, resale rights, article writing. These are all important but don't overlook the power of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing gives you instant access to product and you don't even have to upload and set up download links or anything but - a caution before we go on. Make sure the product you are promoting is a good product. Even though it's not your product, if you recommend it, you will be held responsible by your customer.

There was a product being promoted by a guru a few years back and it was recommended by a number of well respected guru's. A lot of us lost money in the deal and, up until it suddenly faded away, these guru's swore this was a great program. I lost a lot of respect for a couple of them at that time, as I'm sure many other people did.

On the other hand, the guy who started the scheme, as I'll call it, retired from internet marketing and then is now back into it and being heralded. Go figure.

Anyway, be careful. He has a reputation for his knowledge and somehow that seems to make a difference.

Now, having said that, I am going to direct you to a page that, I'm telling you, gives one of the best values I've seen on the web. The value is there . . . you will not believe the low price.

So, I am urging you to visit. The secret blog Ewen gives you access to is worth money. Secret Affiliate Weapon. Just cehck it out. Following the rules I laid out above,I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot about affiliate marketing.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


It's in the List

I am sure you have heard over and over again the importance of building a mailing list. Well - you're hearing it again.

You very seldom sell a person the first time they visit your site. They need to get to know you and trust you. You do that with regular communication.

No better way than a newsletter. Make certain you offer one and give them a reason to give you their email address. An incentive or a reason why they should join your list.

The make your newsletter informative and you begin to be looked upon as an expert. Makes your job to sell much easier.

Monday, July 24, 2006


You Have To Grab This Now - FREE!

This is a quick and to the point post -

Don't hesitate - yo won't believe what you get free!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Adsense Profits

Without a doubt, you can make potentially top money using Adsense. However . . .

Use it as one means of making profits. There are many, many cases of people making money with Adsense and then suddenly - they are dropped. I don't know how hard it is to plead your case if you was dropped through no fault of your own, but you don't want to completely lose all your revenue if this happens.

Use some of your PLR on your website to profit with Adsense, but get your own product out there as well. You will be more in control.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Niche Marketing - Build a List

Three easy ways that you can use to start building your opt-in list:

• Offer a free report that contains links back to your web site or even includes an opt-in form on one of the main pages. You can also make it necessary for your visitors to fill out your opt-in form before they can access the report.

• Join some of the Fire Sales and Giveaways that other marketers are running (sometimes called Joint Ventures). Add your gift to the site and when visitors want to download your gift make them fill out your opt-in form first.

• Exchange ads with other opt-in list owners. You run an ad for them and they run an ad for you. Granted you probably won't be able to join up with someone who has a huge list (as they won't be getting much exposure in return) but if you can find other lists that are of a similar size to yours, you should be in with a chance.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's All About Content

Adsense is absolutely a great way to make money with your website and in your niche marketing area. The key is to continually add good, solid inforative articles to your site regularly.

You can mix articles written by others - there are plenty of free articles out there you can use if you use the author's bio.

You can pick up articles from member only sites and modify them to make them your own.

You can write your own articles - this really helps establish you as an expert in your niche and will result in more clicks to your adsense ads.

More articles on your website will help in search engine rankings and will help keep people on your site longer. This is a big key to making money in niche marketing.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Templates for Niche Marketing

Should you buy ready made templates for your niche marketing area?

Or to help you obtain more money from Adsense?

Actually they may not be a bad idea. You need to be careful of what templates you do purchase.

Are they professionally made?

Are they easy for you to update?

With changes like in the header and such, can you use them for a different niche?

Niche marketing templates can save you some time and have the potential to make your web sites more profitable.

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